deep-root-fertilizationTrees that grow and live in urban landscapes, like here in Charlotte, can greatly benefit from Deep Root Fertilization applications. Stressful conditions such as nutrient deficiencies, soil compaction, low oxygen or moisture deficiencies can be amended with deep root fertilization treatments. Stressed trees are at an increased risk to insect attacks, diseases, fungal issues and other biotic disorders that could kill the tree. Fertilizing your tree will help promote health and vigor. The deep root fertilization process that we use is wonderful for trees that need additional pore space in the soil or additional nutrients. Deep root fertilization benefits are limitless. After an injection your tree will immediately receive a supply of nutrients and increased pore space in the soil. The deep root fertilization programs that we provide are developed specifically for your tree’s individual needs. The first thing we do is take a soil sample to measure the existing micro and macro nutrients in the soil. Once the structure and existing nutrient content have been determined we will understand the trees individual needs. Arbormax technicians will develop a custom blend liquid fertilizer solution that will be inject into the trees primary root zone. Arbormax offers a variety of treatments such as traditional fertilizers and organic fertilizers, as well fertilizers that are enriched with worm castings. All deep root fertilizer injections are applied at a high psi, between 2 to 8 inches deep. This is the average depth where the fibrous tree roots are located. These roots are responsible for 90% of nutrient uptake.

Increased pore space for root development

Fibrous absorbing tree roots have a hard time developing and expanding in compacted soil. Trees require a good soil structure, or loose dirt with open pores. The trees roots require oxygen to survive, and that oxygen is always found in the pores within the soil. The roots of a tree can be suffocated when the surrounding soil is compacted. Compacted soil limits the roots ability to transport oxygen and nutrients, which are critical in the trees survival. As a result of the deep root fertilization process, new pore space is created, and helps alleviates compaction issues. A custom blend liquid fertilizer is mixed by an Arbormax technician. The solution is then injected into the ground with a needle specially designed for deep root fertilization. This needle is designed to inject the fertilizer into the soil at a high rate of pressure. The liquid fertilizer solution increases pore space and de-compacts the soil.

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